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Where Do You Go After High School?

With the 2018–2019 school year coming to an end, many high school seniors are planning for what comes next. Do they go to a local college? Do they find a job? Or do they take the summer off? I had the pleasure of talking to several graduates about what their future holds.

Madyson says she will be attending Arcadia University in PA and living on campus there while studying Biology. She currently works at a private pool club and at the YMCA for the summer. Another graduate, Dylan, recently shared his plans on moving and attending Rider University to study Film, Radio and TV. He continues to lifeguard during the summer for a few days a week but also wants to take time to “hang out with his friends as much as possible.” According to Vanessa, she seen “a way to gain more experience in different areas of health and medicine and exposure on how to treat and interact with different age groups” by accepting a job as an EMT at a summer camp this year. She will be going to college as a Health Science Major and hopes to get into Physician Assistant School after her under-graduate studies.

Having a plan is important for these young adults. As they are busy working over the summer, they are striving to reach all their goals. Alexia, who graduates with honors, sets her goals high, but has an amazing outline of how to achieve them. “My life goal is to be a heart surgeon that volunteers with Doctors Without Borders, traveling, and coming home to live on a ranch that welcomes animals that no one else wants.” Admitting that “college is expensive” she is working as a full-time nanny during the week and working at the racetrack as a barista on the weekends.

Transportation is also important to teenagers. Braeden Jewell graduates this year, but has been working a full time job and recently purchased her own car. Even though she is undecided if she wants to go to community college or trade school this fall, she wants to be able to work as much as she can this summer to be able to pay a whole year of car insurance. That way she can focus on schooling and not over work herself in September. It seems that most graduates know what they are doing this summer-working and saving money for their future schooling.



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