This is the highest honor and level for a youth at KiDz HuB. This HuBBer is fully versed and can execute a complete broadcast/ coverage with very little or no help needed.

This KiDz HuB Junior broadcaster exemplifies the highest level of character and content production. 

A Red Level HuBBer is part of the Junior Advisory Board and is able to teach in KiDz HuB LIVE webinars. Awards are at the highest level and are honored and recognized at KiDz HuB Awards GALA.




This is the 2nd level for a  KiDz HuB Junior Broadcaster. HuBBer can do a complete broadcast/ coverage (written, audio, video, tech) with some help needed.

This KiDz HuB Junior broadcaster exemplifies a growing level of character and content production and works well with a team. 

A Blue Level HuBBer can volunteer as part of a committee and is able to teach segments in KiDz HuB LIVE webinars. Awarded at KiDz HuB Awards GALA.


This is the entry level for all hubbers as indicated on the outer ring of the KiDz HuB logo. HuBBer begins to learn the opportunity and responsibility of being a KiDz HuB Junior Broadcaster and media maker. HuBBer requires training and support to do broadcast or coverage (written, audio, video, tech) and is guided by a media mentor and supported by a Blue/Red Hubber.

They are taught media and life skills and how to produce content (written, audio, video, tech) for KiDz HuB. 

A Yellow Level HuBBer is  Awarded a certificate at the end of 10 hours of initial training.

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