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Founder/Executive Director

Orlando, the Founder and Executive Director of KiDz HuB Media Network has been stewarding the organization since its inception in 2010.  In addition to his many duties as Executive Director, he has served as the Chairman of the Board until August 2020.  Additionally, Orlando is the founding and managing partner of Eviziv Media LLC whose duties include project lead, administration, and resource allocation. 


Prior to Eviziv, he was the Business and Media Development Specialist of CEEN TV until March 2020.  Prior to CEEN TV, Orlando was the Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant at FX Audio Visual from 2013 to present.  He spent over a decade as a Classroom Teacher, Curriculum Developer, Media Literacy Trainer, Career Development Coach, and Teacher Trainer in Jamaica, UK, and the USA. 


Orlando is a lifelong learner. He continues to pursue professional development media production and media literacy. He currently holds degrees, diplomas, and certifications in Youth Studies and Education in different institutions, including Brooklyn College in New York, The Credon Center in the United Kingdom, and St Joseph’s Teachers’ College in Jamaica.  


Orlando is a visionary!  He takes an idea, conceptualizes it, and transforms it into reality with sound planning, strategic governance, and hard work.  He is a lifelong educator who seeks unique opportunities to coach and develop young minds.  He uses his exceptional ambassadorial and strong interpersonal skills to cultivate important relationships with the youth in the organization, their parents, sponsors, and volunteers alike.  He is well known as a leader with integrity and credibility.  He has a natural affinity for finding ways to improve the confidence, critical thinking, adaptability, cooperativeness, and curiosity of his mentees and students!



Board Member/Secretary

Nickiesha is the secretary on the board of directors for KiDz HuB Media Network.  She was a founding board member and was appointed to the board in 2010, to help guide the advisory board through the legal process of obtaining non-profit status.  Nickiesha’s career as a lawyer includes working in a variety of organizations like Innovative Discovery, Deloitte US, Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, the Middlesex County Family Court as well as judges for the US District Court, to name a few.  Most recently she was admitted to practice in the Southern District Court of New York City. Nickiesha received her Juris Doctor from the University Detroit Mercy School of Law. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Philosophy was received from Dartmouth College.


Nickiesha has over 10 years of volunteerism working with organizations like Middlesex County JCC, Broadway cares Food drive, Boys and Girls Club of America, and NY State Bar Association.  She has built a reputation for working with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  She has a deep commitment to KiDz HuB Media Network and its mission. Nickiesha believes that if kids are engaged with and on various media platforms they will be empowered to do and be their best! 



Board Member

Michael is a member of the advisory board of KiDz HuB Media.  He joined the organization in 2018. He is a visionary who wanted to aid in the mission of the organization by bringing to bear his innovative skills along with his exceptional interpersonal skills.  Michael currently works as Inventory Management & Pricing Analyst at RCI. He has held this position for the past 3 years. Prior to RCI, he served as Assistant Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car for over 5 years. Michael obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from William Paterson University.  

Several awards have bestowed on Michael throughout his career.  Included in his list of honors are Territory Analyst of the Month, Best of the Best, Best of the Best MVP, Rising Star Award, and Employee of the Month.  Michael feels that our young people can achieve excellence in their studies and at life in general, if they apply the tenets to do the right thing that is fostered by the programs that KiDz HuB offers.  He is an avid trainer and mentor. Michael provides oversight in the board room and is also committed to volunteerism in the field with the hubbers as well.



Board Member

Dr. Zinzuwadia became a board member in 2020.  She enlisted with KiDz HuB Media Network to help drive the organization to meet the challenges of a future that will rely heavily on technology and the smarts of today’s youth.  Dr. Zinzuwadia is currently the Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine at three prominent institutions, namely Newark Beth Israel Medical Center/Barnabas Health System, Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School-University Hospital and Overlook Medical Center/Atlantic Health System.   She is also on the faculty of 3 institutions. They are Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, St. George’s University of Grenada and Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School. Prior to this she served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical School.  She is a strong advocate for mentorship and has been involved with several mentoring and coaching opportunities. She is currently involved in research with a focus on the pain management of patients with Sickle Cell Disease. She has been a grant recipient and done work to address the quality of care of patients with Sickle Cell disease presenting to the Emergency department.  She has an extensive track record in education. 


She is currently the Co-Medical Director of Center for Professional Development, Innovation, and Research at NBI. Dr. Zinzuwadia received her Doctor of Medicine from Rutgers University. Her Post-Baccalaureate course work in Biochemistry was done at Rutgers University.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy followed by a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Vermont. 


She is an ardent believer that given the right opportunity and guidance KiDz HuB Media Network will help to propel our kids, tweens and teens, especially through media programs, to gain the expertise to be successful in life as they help to give voice to the voiceless.

Kirk Swaby


Board Chair/Technical Director

Kirk is the Chairman of the Board of KiDz HuB Media Network.  He has been a part of the Board since 2011.  He is a multimedia specialist who delights in coaching and mentoring youth between the ages 7 and 18 who are interested in the multimedia discipline.  He has extensive knowledge of the tools used in audiovisual work and has over 20 years of experience. He currently works with PSAV Presentation Services as Event Technology Specialist for the past 3 years.  Before PSAV, he worked for 8 years with Southern Audio Visual as an audio engineer/producer.  During this time, he also worked for FX Audio Visual, Smart Source AV, and KVL he has been doing so since 2007, 2005, and 2004 respectively as Multimedia Specialist.  Kirk obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Music with honors from Mercy College.


A lifelong do-gooder, Kirk has volunteered as a FOH engineer with several organizations in multiple countries.  He is reputed to be one of the best producers in the area of audio engineering.  His entrepreneurial experience makes him uniquely qualified to be a strong mentor to help create a platform for kids, teens, and tweens giving them a voice to help build their confidence!

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Board Member/Treasurer

Nicolas has been the Treasurer of KiDz HuB Media Network since its inception in 2010.  He was elected to the board to take responsibility for the oversight of the company’s financial goals, a duty Nicolas performs with great efficiency.   Nicolas is currently the Chief Financial Officer of SportsMax Limited, a multinational company, operating in over 25 countries.  He has held this position since 2012.  Prior to SportsMax, he was the Financial Controller at Digicel Jamaica Limited.  He worked at Digicel for 8 years in several positions within the Accounting/Finance department.  Before joining the Accounting team at Digicel, Nicolas worked for 2 years, starting in 2002, at The Gleaner Company Limited as an internal auditor.  His career started in 2000 as Auditor at Grant Thornton International, formerly Mair Russell & Partners.  Nicolas ​is finalizing his MBA with the Manchester Business School.  He is a Chartered Accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has earned several diplomas, certificates, and many accounting accreditations. 


Nicolas is an experienced corporate financial strategist and applies his many years of expertise and training to guide KiDz HuB in all financial matters.  He is trustworthy, detailed oriented and has an affinity to connect the organization's finances with its mission.  These, along with his love for giving back to the community, make him inimitably qualified for his role in the organization.  Nicolas is a firm believer that our future leaders need the right tools and guidance ​and to ​this end, he goes above and beyond to ensure that the mission of the organization is realized.



Board Member

Shaun has been a member of the advisory board of KiDz HuB Media since 2019  He was appointed to help grow the organization with the aid of his extraordinary Program and Project Management skills.  Shaun currently serves as the Technology Architecture Program Manager at Barclays. He has held this position for the past 3 years.  Previously, he served at the same company for a total of 12 years in several capacities including Risk & Controls Program Manager and earlier as Senior Production Services Manager.  Before joining Barclays, he served for a year at LEHMAN BROTHERS as Assistant Vice President responsible for Production Services & Quality Assurance.  Prior to Lehman Brothers he worked at Credit Suisse and before that at Deutsche Bank.  Shaun received his TRIUM Global Executive MBA from HEC Paris School of Management in France, Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and The London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.  Prior to this, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from St John’s University.


Shaun is a trailblazer who exemplifies hard work and distinction.  He professes that he expects that all undertaking, done with purpose and fortitude will yield results.  To that end, he works tirelessly in the KiDz HuB organization to help develop programs that will challenge our young people to help them define their purpose and give rise to awareness of global issues. 

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Board Member

Robert is a member of the Board of Directors for KiDz HuB Media Network.  He joined the board in 2020 to help position KiDz HuB Media Network as a leading provider of content appropriate for youth, by providing guidance on video and audio production.  He is adept at recognizing the needs of organizations.  He has exceptional communication skills especially in media and public relations.  He leverages these skills in the development of programs that promote brand recognition.  He has worked for several renowned companies.  He recently retired from KPMG LLP after 21 years of illustrious service.  Prior to KPMG, he worked as Vice President of Corporate and Community Affairs at Beneficial Management Corporation.  He worked there for 8 years, and before that, at The Associated Press as News Editor.  Robert started his career as an instructor in Journalism at Seton Hall University.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the Kean University of New Jersey.


Giving back has always been important to Robert, he was worked with such well-known nonprofits as Alliance for Action, New Community Corporation, Habitat for Humanity to name a few.  He has made it his life’s mission to attain excellence in innovation and strategic thinking.  He feels strongly that with his involvement with KiDz HuB, the hubbers will learn to think critically, given the unique media programs, and develop journalism skills which will ultimately give them the foundation to do and be the best in an environment of fairness.

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