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KiDz HuB 'Penn Life" Coverage Day 1 : Introduction and Welcome

KiDz HuB 'Penn Life" Coverage Day 1 : Introduction and Welcome

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About KiDz HuB

KiDz HuB Media Network, a US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization with a steadfast mission to train and mentor youth, as Junior broadcasters and journalists, whilst providing various platforms for them to engage the world.


Founded by Orlando 'Uncle Lanze' Dillon, educator, broadcaster and social entrepreneur, the youth production media network  “KiDz HuB” provides a space for youth to develop the media production, collaboration and communication skills needed in the 21st century. KiDz Junior Broadcasters meet, train and work with other 'hubbers' across the globe. They train locally and online and are located in satellite locations/chapters established in schools, local youth clubs (KluBBers) or as independent Junior Broadcasters (International HuBBers). KiDz Hubbers work together to research and produce content, cover events, raise awareness about the work of other non-profits and highlight issues pertinent to youth. 


KiDz HuB relies on donations and volunteers to continue our mission of "Giving Youth a Global Voice" and we are grateful to our network of  media professionals - in traditional and new media, who continue to volunteer to teach and give of their expertise as 'Media Mentors.' They provide training content for our "KiDz HuB Kollege' and media literacy curricula, as well as media tours and on-air/production opportunities, for our Junior Broadcasters

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