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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This Summer kickoff is very exciting for us Hubbers and VIKs around the globe. In the USA we are actively celebrating the graduates of 2021 with our exciting 6-feet-apart Drive By Bock Parties and producing graduation ceremonies.

In Australia, our partners are working on a fund-raising telethon to support sustainability around the world.

In Jamaica West indies we are coming to the end of the second month of our new partnership with Gospel Ja where we are positioning KiDz Casters, to be the number one children's show, produced and hosted by children and youth. KiDz Casters is the newest KiDz HuB-produced kids, teens and tweens show on radio in Jamaica. Its was launched during the Child Month, May 2021 as part of Gospel Ja's 'Marvelous May' Radio Campaign.

Here are some of the exciting things happening this Summer:-

  • Our President and KiDz Casters host, Reajean Bennett, will be visiting youth and children's ministries to connect with them and invite them to be a part of the project.

  • Our Media Literacy Training and Broadcast Bootcamp training continues to impact the lives of youth.

  • Fellow VIKs will get more opportunities to participate in the pre-shows and in the live shows on-air.

  • We continue to raise awareness support the initiatives of "Pancakes and Prayers" which is "Prayer in Action" where a group of children reach out and tangibly meet the needs of people in various ways and through prayer.

  • We are currently pursuing hosting and creating live shows

  • We are growing our VIK (Very Important Kids/Youth) LIST - Almost 200 kids, tweens and teens have already signed up into a space that encourages, uplifts and entertains.

KiDz HuB seeks to give voice to youths, to impact and transform, and create opportunities for them to grow and become great!

We invite you to;

  1. Join our VIK LIST using THIS LINK

  2. Join our WhatsApp Group

  3. Get your ready for your appearance/participation in the show and other activities by attending our Media Literacy Training and Broadcast Bootcamp training.

  4. SAVE THE DATE: JULY 31, 2021 and Get Ready for our HUGE Launch and School's Out Party in Kingston Jamaica.

  5. Join us on Thursday at 6:30-7:30 pm for training and briefing.

Other Way to Support!

  1. Follow Us @KiDzHuB on all social media platforms

  2. Get others to Sign up as a VIK (Please tell them to lets us know that you sent them)

  3. Support KiDz HuB and the KiDz Casters Show by making a donation to our broadcast and media training program using THIS LINK

The Network is a U.S.-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that organizes volunteers from media and corporate entities to offer their expertise in mentorship to HuBBers.

Our youth train locally and online in satellite locations or chapters established in schools, local youth Klubs/churches or as independent Junior Broadcasters

Junior Broadcaster/Writer




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