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KiDz HuB Recommits to Its' Mission on World Children's Day

Updated: Mar 16

World Children's Day Theme: Inclusion, For Every Child

Roland Dillon (L) and Ace Card (R) working together to setup camera for coverage of the KidPreneur Business Expo in Edison NJ, pre pandemic

Today as we celebrate World Children's Day, the New Jersey-based KiDz HuB Media Network recommits to our global mission of Giving Youth A Global Voice. In our Op-Ed published in The Star-Ledger, we shared that "our efforts at KiDz HuB — and countless other organizations serving children — give them that opportunity, with mentorship and training to empower them to find their voice. We want our network’s youngsters to collaborate to be a part of the world’s discussions. … Let’s ramp up the work done for our children to have a voice – and, to be heard. Those cross-border collaborations become the precursors for creating global solutions in generations to come.”


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