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KiDz HuB Announces Partnership with BIGVU - Teleprompter Video Maker

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Orlando Dillon, KiDz HuB Founder/Director

(732) 482 9482 Ext 1002

BIGVU - Teleprompter Video Maker Donates It’s Top Tier Service in Support of KiDz HuB Student Journalists and KiDz HuB Junior Broadcasters across the globe.

"Student journalist/media makers can now keep their eyes on the camera and produce quality videos by adding a logo, titling, captions, and visuals by using the BIGVU - Teleprompter Video Maker App ."

Old Bridge, NJ- After eight years since inception, KiDz HuB announces yet another new corporate social responsibility partnership with BIGVU Teleprompter Video Maker.

This sponsorship is yet another example of businesses will to donate products and services to support the voices of youth. KiDz HuB can can now continue their unyielding commitment to finding innovative solutions to advance its mission to “Give Youth A Global Voice,” through media, and information literacy programs for the students, educators, and parents.

The announcement comes on the heels of the KiDz HuB launch of its new special education media program for seniors, in partnership with the Old Bridge Public School’s Special Education Department. This pilot program will begin in October 2018 and run once per week for the rest of the 2018/2019 academic year.

KiDz HuB Founder, Orlando Dillon, explains that since its creation, the goal of the program has always been to train youth to be part of social change. He says “This new technology will assist our new students in this special education program, as well as all our Junior Broadcasters across the globe to keep their eyes on the camera and produce quality media. Some students may want to continue into the broadcasting field and with BIGVU they will be learning those skills, along with leadership, public speaking and production skills,” says Dillon.

In speaking about the partnership, Yoav Reisner of BIGVU said, "We have this great opportunity to partner with KiDz HuB, they are a great organization. I was thrilled when I heard the work they do and thought what a great way for us, as a new start-up, to support a youth media organization.”

KiDz HuB Media Network is a US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that trains and mentors youth to be Junior Broadcasters, providing several platforms for them to engage the world. At the heart of its mission are youth empowerment, media, and information literacy. With a growing number of junior journalists across the globe, KiDz HuB now has trained thousands of student journalists worldwide who are standing up, speaking out, and being part of social change. KiDz HuB is located in Old Bridge New Jersey and is supported by corporate and non-profit partners, donors, media professionals, parents and volunteers. BIGVU - Teleprompter Video Maker BIGVU is a TV studio in your pocket. A teleprompter app helps you remember your lines while recording your video. BIGVU artificial intelligence engine breaks up your narration into a simple storyboard composed of scene cards. You can then instantly spice up your presentation with images, video shots, stunning captions, split screens and backgrounds by just selecting the desired element for each scene card. With BIGVU, a video that once took hours to create can be done in 3 minutes.



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