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KiDz HuB Covers 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Awards & Dance

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

#FireFightersWearPink November 2, 2018 @ 8pm-Midnight.

Join us! as one of our KiDz HuB Junior Broadcast Team, in the USA, (Stefani, Ace, Wolde aka Jolly Swag and Roland) brings you LIVE Red Carpet coverage of the ##3rd Annual Firefighters Wear Pink Awards Show. This Gala wraps up the Firefighters Wear Pink Campaign.

Awards will be presented to cancer survivors and grant money will be raised to assist with their bills and outstanding medical cost, due to their fight with cancer.

On behalf of the KiDz HuB Media Network,  we would like to congratulate the 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Awards Show and Dance as they wrap up their #FirefightersWearPink Campaign for 2018.

We are excited to partner to provide our 'youth lens' media coverage of this event as we culminate our month-long breast cancer awareness coverage, this October. We will have the distinct pleasure of providing media support of this prestigious event for the first time. Our team will be sharing and amplifying the mission of the #FireFightersWearPink Awards Show this year and beyond.

In keeping with our mission to "give youth a global voice," we believe that this event is one that touches on an issue that affects us all. We have therefore invited our kids, tween, teen hubbers,  here in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and the Caribbean to learn more about the story of the #FireFightersWearPink Campaign.

We will be conducting a sit-down a interview with Gregory Pierre, City of Newark Fire Fighter

and Founder of #FirefightersWearPink campaign as our Junior Broadcasters help with telling and amplifying his vision through our Network.

See our Broadcast Team Below;

Our Broadcast Team :

  • Stefani Munoko - Junior Broadcaster - LIVE Blog/Interviews (Female)

  • Wolde Simon II aka Jolly Swag - Junior Broadcaster - LIVE Blog/Interviews (Male)

  • Ace Card Junior - Junior Broadcaster Red Carpet & Sit-Down Interviews (Male)

  • Roland Dillon - Junior Producer (Male)

  • Jacqueline Thomas (Parent Partner)- Videographer/Photographer/Social Media 

  • Orlando Dillon - Executive Director/Media Mentor/Audio Engineer

About The Organizer 

Newark, NJ’s own Firefighter Gregory Pierre owner of and founder of the “Firefighters Wear Pink Campaign”, born January 24th in his home town of “Brick City” New Jersey. Gregory attributes his entrepreneurial spirit to his humble upbringing as a first generation Haitian-American, which serves as the driving source and inspiration behind his life. He also accredits his mother as his first business mentor. She gave him his first business lesson by teaching him how to earn his field trip money from selling Charms Blow Pops. Prior to the creation of FIREMANTSHIRT.COM, Greg graduated Sum Cum Laude from Delaware State University earning both a B.A degree in Business Administration and B.A in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Coming from a family of firefighters, Gregory was inspired to create a brand that embodies the integrity of the men and women in uniform both on and off the job. FIREMANTSHIRTS apparel features authentic designs paying homage to the firefighter lifestyle in its entirety. 

Gregory’s Why?

"Two years ago, I started the “Firefighters Wear Pink Campaign” after discovering so many members of my family were infected with Cancer, especially my Aunt Pat; respectfully her whole name is Maria “Immacula” Patricia Vincent-Pierre. She is the source of inspiration behind me partnering up with the American Cancer Society and joining the fight to defeat cancer. She was the first member of my family to introduce me to the struggles and challenges of all types of cancer starting with lung cancer, then liver cancer and eventually breast cancer. She never drank alcohol, never smoked, yet I watched her deteriorate right in front of me, I had never experienced anything like it before. I was active in her fight against cancer for 5 years. The evening before Aunt Pat left this earth, I stayed with her until 5am in the morning only leaving her side to start my shift at the firehouse. She died before the end of my shift."


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