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Empowering a Generation of Change

KiDz HuB through our WE Schools initiative invited several organizations in the New York Tristate area to participate in WE Day UN 2018 - our kick-off to a year of actions for social change. As a youth media outlet, our KiDz HuB junior broadcasters also provided media coverage of WE Day.

Due to the work of these youth and organizations who are making a difference in our communities and across the globe, they earned a ticket to WE Day. One such organization was Allegra School of Music via Hillsborough Music Festival for social advocacy on behalf of young people in their community. Through their Hillsborough Music Festival, they raise funds to support youth mental health initiatives.

WE Day, is an event that continues Empower a Generation of Change Makers. WE Day brings world-renowned speakers and A-list performers together with tens of thousands of young people to celebrate their contributions and kick-start another year of inspiration. You cannot buy a ticket to this leadership event - you earn it through service.

WE day UN 2018 was held on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at Barclay's Center, Brooklyn, NY and KiDz HuB was honored to partner with the WE movement and to work with several youth change-makers in the New York Tristate area. Thanks to WE for 'making doing good, doable' and congratulations to students in following organizations and for continuing to make a HUGE impact in the world;

Our Youth Led Broadcast/Production Team Included;

Orlando Dillon - FounderDirector/KiDz HuB Stephen Dobbins- Producer Christopher Michael Santos - Videographer/Editor Danni Ai Producer/Photographer Wayne Rhoden aka Father Goose -Mentor Jacque Thomas - Volunteer Parent Partner/Assistant to Director Linda Grayson - Volunteer Parent Partner/Hospitality Nicole Johnson - Volunteer Parent Partner/Media Mentor

Stefani Munoko - Junior Broadcaster Valentina Colasanti - Junior Broadcaster Ace Card (Guest)- Junior Broadcaster Olivia Hirsch (Guest)- Junior Broadcaster Madeleine Hagar (Guest)- Junior Broadcaster Kacey Gleaton (Guest)- Junior Broadcaster Parker Todd @theSickler - Author & Junior Broadcaster Georgiana Katsingris (Guest) - Junior Broadcaster Wolde Simon II aka Jolly Swag (Guest)- Junior Broadcaster LeAna Butler Junior Broadcaster

For more information about We Day, please go HERE.


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